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Fred Donahue

Fred Donahue was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. With roots from his father to Columbus, Ohio, it didn't take much for Fred to grow up idolizing Eddie George and rooting for Ohio State. Fred bleeds a strange mix of orange and purple for the Orioles and Ravens, as made evident by the half sleeve on his right arm. His younger days were filled with playing baseball and football, and he even had a tryout with the Arizona Diamondbacks at 16 years old. Fast forward to today and he's left with two bad knees that simply wont stop him from playing mens softball on Sundays and bowling in league play twice a week. For some reason he seems to be so proud of bowling 300 multiple times that he made us mention it here. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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Scott Foster was also born and raised in Baltimore City, with a move to Harford County in the ladder part of his childhood.  He has always bled orange and black, having not missed an opening day since ‘92. His family has had season tickets in left field since OPACY opened. Since the Ravens came to town, he can be heard yelling at the TV if the ravens are down or playing sloppy. He can also be found enjoying the great outdoors in the woods or on a field teaching his son the games he loves. Playing baseball his whole life, he naturally has migrated to playing softball like Fred and Ryan. Having had some experience with hosting and producing a radio show for almost 2 years in college, he feels right at home in the studio.



Ryan Hewitt, also born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  From the mean streets of Villa Gardens.  Fred's one and only redheaded friend.  His athletics topped out in baseball at the little league level, high school lacrosse, and also playing in mens softball leagues on Sundays.  He is most famously known for a concussion he received during an infield track incident, while attempting the high-jump.  I am sure he would tell you more about it, but he can't seem to remember some of the details....An Orioles and Ravens fanatic, or what you call a true homer, with no experience in media or broadcasting!  So let's give this a shot!!!