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Episode 54: I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

It's All-Star gameday, and there are MANY tears in Baltimore over the inevitable departure of MANNY....Fred and Scott breakdown the latest trade rumors and potential pieces involving Machado.  The Ravens are seeing a bit of a youth movement on defense.  The guys breakdown some of their top young talent.  Could Matt Judon supplant Terrell Suggs as the Ravens team sack leader this season?  Who is on the Ravens PUP list to start the season?  The Brigade bounce back in a big way in their first playoff game of the season.  All of this and more, come check it out!!

Episode 53: Hey Now, You're An All-Star

If you are looking for a sports variety episode, this is IT!!!  The guys get into it all!!  From the latest domestic violence accusations against LeSean McCoy, to the Ravens being rumored about DeSean Jackson.  Could this be the most anticipated training-camp in Ravens history??  What does Lamar Jackson mean for the team nationally?  A former Oriole makes his first All Star game selection!!  The guys break down the awful All-Star selection process....Fred uses some choice word selection, that he will not be living down any time soon.....You HAVE to listen to hear!!!

Episode 52: What Time Is It

What time is it?!?!  GAMETIME!!!!  This week the guys reminisce on their memories of Mr. 52 himself, as Ray Lewis is set to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in the coming weeks.  The Orioles are closing in on the deadline.  The talks of Manny are really heating up now.  The guys get into a debate about the DH position in baseball.  They share their experience from the press-box at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen.  Fred talks about his run in with a familiar number 23.  Scott dives into the purposed rules changes for the NFL kickoff.  The Caps are hanging on to a lot of pieces.  All this and more, come check it out!! 

Episode 51: Extra Extraaa!!!

On this weeks episode, Fred and Scott go behind the scenes as media with Baltimore's first place football team?  Barry Trotz wasn't wasting any time before signing with another club.  The Caps make a trade that allows them to keep one of their own.  The Ravens rookies are starting to get settled in.  The media has been pretty happy with what they see.  The guys try to brain storm what it is going to take to get fans back in the stands at Camden Yards.  Do you remember your first autograph?  Be sure to check us out on Spotify now!!  Go give us a follow!

Episode 50: Coaching Carousel

Its Episode 50!!!!  Hard to believe we have done 50 of these things.....Ryan joins Fred and Scott on the show this week.  Barry Trotz out in Washington?  Whats next for the Caps?  How excited are you for the Ravens season and to watch the revamped offense?  Is John Harbaugh's job safe win or lose this season?  How long can Terrell Suggs Play at this elite level?  The Orioles finally sound like they are poised to make some moves.  Are you open to listening to all offers for all players??  And the fellas dive into Dynasty's this week.  Are they good for sports?  All this and more!!  Come check it out!

Episode 49: We're Not Gonna Be Suck

The Washington Capitals are the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions!!  And the fellas are SURE ENJOYING EVERY SECOND OF IT!!  The team has a good core, but have some questions surrounding upcoming contracts.  Whats up with the disconnect between Baltimore and the DC fan base?  Will the Ravens be carrying 3 QB's this season?  What does that mean for Joe Flacco?  Fred and Scott get into some WAY TOO EARYL NFL predictions!  As an Orioles fan, would you give up 10 years of Ravens success for a World Series win for the birds?  The guys jump into all of this, in which ends up being the longest episode is Birdland BS history!  Come check it out!!

Episode 48: Knight Slayers

Do you have your Zoloft handy?!?  You are going to need it after this episode!  With the high of the Capitals being ONE WIN AWAY from the Stanley Cup, to the lows of the Orioles losing their last 7 and being the worst team in the MLB, to the optimism surrounding the Ravens and their new weapons!!!  If this isn't the most BiPolar episode in Birdland BS history, I don't know what is!!  Come join hosts Fred and Scott as they jump into all of these topics and more!

Episode 47: Capital Punishment

The Capitals make the Stanley Cup for the first time in 20 years!!!  Can Ovi lead the team to the title??  Just how good does Holtby have to be?  The embarassment that is the Orioles organization.  Is it time to replace Buck?  Is his message stale in the clubhouse?  Scott compares it to as familiar movie....Could Joe Flacco be in for a career season?  Fred thinks so!  Michael Crabtree, the next Steve Smith or Anquan Boldin?  Come check this weeks episode out!  #ALLCAPS

Episode 46: Backyard Baseball

LETS GO CAPS!!!!  The Eastern Conference Finals are tied up 3-3, and headed to game 7!  Time to lay the wood, and stay aggressive!  The Orioles struggles continue, as they lose 4 of 5.  Would someone actually take Chris Davis' contract, if it meant getting Machado and Britton?  OTA's are underway for the Ravens!  Fred dives into the value of getting an Orlando Brown Jr in the third round!  Looks like all smiles and high fives between Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson!  Fred and Scott venture down memory lane as they take a trip to Harford Community College to catch the MIAA A Confernce Championship game.  They find some "gems" to highlight during the game.  Come check this episode out!!!

Episode 45: Strike While The Iron Is Hot

This week, Ryan comes back to join the show!  The Caps are up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference finals with the series coming back to Washington.  Ovi really stepping up and taking leadership of the team.  The Orioles lineup is finally starting to get healthy, as they welcome Jonathan Schoop and Mark Trumbo back to the lineup.  That sparks a 5-2 run with back to back series wins for the first time since August 2017.  But is it still time to cash in on Machado?  The Ravens could see a dual starting TE combo with their latest draft picks!  Just how much and how fast will Lamar Jackson get to play in Baltimore??  The guys get into it all!!

Episode 44: Raw Emotions

What a crazy week to be a sports fan in the DMV!  You are either on cloud 9 with the Caps latest series win against the Pens, or as low as dog poo with the play of the Orioles.  If you are a Ravens fan, maybe youre feeling conflicted on how to feel with the latest changes around the team.  The guys get into it all this week!  The Caps finally get the monkey of Sidney Crosby and the Penguins off their back!  ON TO THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!!  Should Dan Duquette be making decisions for the Orioles future, if he himself is not a part of future plans?  When can we see some of the young talent in the minors?  Flacco unhappy with the Ravens drafting Lamar Jackson?  Is it really a big deal that Joe hasn't reached out yet to Lamar?  Come crack a beer with us, and check it out!!

Episode 43: The Wizard of Ozz

Whats up BSer's?!?! Fred and Scott here to bring you the latest surrounding the Ravens 2018 Draft. How is Lamar Jackson going to be used? What WR’s will stay, and who will go? The Orioles struggles are REAL!!! The guys get into a heated debate about pitchers stats! Will Manny end up in LA? LETS GO CAPS!! All of this and more! Come check it out!

Episode 42: Dez Bryant in Baltimore?

The NFL draft is officially one week away!  The guys get into some of their own Mock Draft projections.  With Dez Bryant a free agent now, would he be the right fit for the Ravens?  All three of us would like to see the Ravens draft a pretty critical position in Round 1!  What is going on with the Orioles?  Is it time to say goodbye to Tillman?  Pump the brakes on Alex Cobb.  This team is not going in the right direction, and the fellas give their BS opinions on it all!  Come check it out!!

Episode 41: Cy Bundy

Well we are 10 games into the season so far, and what a crazy start to the year it has been.  They guys get into the road trip that saw the O's get swept in Houston, but bounce back to take 3 of 4 in NY.  Colby Rasmus finds the pot hole that Ubaldo once created in the clubhouse.  Controversial call at the plate, and a run down situation that has us all scratching our heads.  The one highlight so far has been the HOT start to Dylan Bundy's season!  The guys give their thoughts on the Ravens signing of RGIII.  The Caps win the division and make the playoffs again!  But for how long this year?  A lot to pick apart.  Come give it a listen!

Episode 40: R E L A X

The 2018 Orioles season is officially underway, and the fans are already chirping!!  Why is Chris Davis batting leadoff?  What's wrong with the offense?  I thought Andrew Cashner was a ground ball pitcher?  Here we go again with Kevin Gausman!  Why would Sisco bunt in the ninth inning down 7-0?  Where are all the fans?  Fred, Ryan, and Birdland BS's new cohost, Scott Foster diagnose and disect all of these hot button topics!  Come give it a listen if you haven't thrown in the towel already.....

Episode 39: Opening Day Shenanigans

IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!  I've got the smell of the ball park in my nose, the cool of the grass on my feet.....The thrill of the grass.  IT"S ORIOLES BASEBALL!!!  OPENING DAY SPECIAL!!!  Today's special broadcast features our longest episode to date, 1 1/2 hours of nothing but Orioles talk and memories of opening days past.  Fred and Ryan bring a special guest host this week, from fellow local podcast The Sports-aholics, Scott Foster joins the show.  The guys get into who is going to claim the final couple roster spots?  Chris Davis the leadoff hitter?  Could Dylan Bundy be ready for a BIG season?  Brady Anderson the next O's manager?  It's a loaded show, with a ton of topics!  You HAVE to check this episode out if you're any kind of Orioles fan!

Episode 38: Finesse The Cap

Fred and Ryan break down the recent Ravens signings of John Brown and Michael Crabtree.  Who the hell is Ryan Grant, and why were we offering him 29 million dollars?  Could Eric Ebron be in the mix next?  Should the Ravens ONLY draft offense at the top of the draft, no matter who falls in their lap?  Also, its almost that time!!!  Less than 2 weeks away from Opening Day and Orioles baseball!!  Why is Alex Cobb still unsigned?  Can this team compete in the AL East?  The guys cover all of this, and even some NCAA tourney updates!  Come check it out!

Episode 37: What The Mock?!?!

It's that time of year again....NFL Mock draft season!!  Useless opinions on where the so called "experts" predict that this years top talent will end up via the draft!  The guys get into the combine, and a few winners and losers from Indy.  What do the Ravens do with the 16th pick?  Stay pat, trade up, or trade back??  Will the Ravens address the wide receiver position through free agency, prior to the draft?  Also, we are now just a few weeks from Orioles Opening Day!  Who is going to hit leadoff?  Will any, or how many of the Rule Five draft guys make the roster?  Who will be the fifth starter??  The team still have a lot of questions that need to be answered!  Come give us a listen!!!  

Episode 36: "Pitchers" And Catchers Report

Its that time of year again!!  Orioles baseball is BACK!!  Pitchers and Catchers report to Sarasota, and there are still a lot of roster questions to be answered.  In a matter of a few days, the O's sign Andrew Cashner and bring back Chris Tillman.  Excited?  What does this mean for the teams chances of competing?  Are there more moves on the horizon??  The Rays are offloading everyone!  The Red Sox sign JD Martinez.  The guys disect it all!  Come give it a listen!

Episode 35: Eagles KO Patriots

E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!!  Philly pulls out the knockout of the defending champ Patriots!  HOORAY!!  But seriously Philly, get it together up there!  Horse shit?!?  Really?!?!  Nick Foles named Super Bowl MVP!  Where does he end up next season?  The Ravens and Steve Bisciotti have their State of the Ravens address!  Ozzie will step down, and Eric Decosta will take his place at the end of the 2018 season.  Do things change, or is it more the same??  The guys discuss the Hall of Fame selections, and the winners of the NFL seasons awards.  Bring on Baseball!!!