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Fred Donahue

Fred Donahue was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. With roots from his father to Columbus, Ohio, it didn't take much for Fred to grow up idolizing Eddie George and rooting for Ohio State. Fred bleeds a strange mix of orange and purple for the Orioles and Ravens, as made evident by the half sleeve on his right arm. His younger days were filled with playing baseball and football, and he even had a tryout with the Arizona Diamondbacks at 16 years old. Fast forward to today and he's left with two bad knees that simply wont stop him from playing mens softball on Sundays and bowling in league play twice a week. For some reason he seems to be so proud of bowling 300 multiple times that he made us mention it here. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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Scott Foster was also born and raised in Baltimore City, with a move to Harford County in the ladder part of his childhood.  He has always bled orange and black, having not missed an opening day since ‘92. His family has had season tickets in left field since OPACY opened. Since the Ravens came to town, he can be heard yelling at the TV if the ravens are down or playing sloppy. He can also be found enjoying the great outdoors in the woods or on a field teaching his son the games he loves. Playing baseball his whole life, he naturally has migrated to playing softball like Fred and Ryan. Having had some experience with hosting and producing a radio show for almost 2 years in college, he feels right at home in the studio.


RYAn schammel

Ryan Schammel is an avid Ravens fan, casual Orioles fan, and a die hard TERPS fan! Now a days he is a father to two beautiful and tough twin girls, and as he likes to say “recruit eligible 2035”! Ryan has always been a hometown fan, but it’s the Terps that have always meant a little bit more to him. Growing up, he was a Terps fan from afar for as long as he can remember, but started to get a closer look after motivation from an unlikely spot. Early during the 2000 football season, a young Micheal Vick was wowing people at Virginia Tech. Ryan had left the TV on and went outside. His mother, Alisa, a Maryland Alumni. was home cleaning the house when Ryan came in from playing. “I found her sitting watching football for the first time ever, with the vacuum still running.” Ryan said. She called him over and told to him watch this! I have never seen a QB run like this! This was Ryan’s window of opportunity, and pitched his mother the Idea of going to a Terps game. That fall, his mother bought 6 tickets for the family and grandfather to go to the game. “The seats were so high up we could see the Washington Monument, but we all had a blast”. The next season, 2001, Ryan’s family purchased season tickets, and as faith would have it, they moved the the band that year from section 7 to the head of the bowl. “We started with six tickets in 2000, moved up to 8, and eventually wound up with 12 tickets!” Starting in 2001, we saw a lot of winning early! Witnessing 3 consecutive triple digit win seasons, while ranking as high as 6th in the nation!”. It’s a family thing. It means a lot! I always like to say we have 6 family reunions a year”. Even away at college for 6 years, Ryan made every home game for the Terps. He even planned his wedding around the Terps! His rehearsal dinner was on a Friday evening, and wedding on Sunday, both in Ocean City. He and his groomsmen made the trip to college park that Saturday. Ryan has been part of three field rushes, two against Florida State, and one vs Miami. “I love to give Terps tickets to friends and family, to help spread the love for this great team! I feel the podcast is another way I can do that as well”. His best sports memories for the other local sports teams include, throwing out the first pitch of an Oriole game as part of the Orioles dugout club. For the Ravens, my favorite memory would be the first Super Bowl being played on my birthday, and my father running extension cords so I could watch the game from a hot tub on our back deck. Ryan was an avid listener and fan of Birdland BS, and was always one of the top commenters during their Terps segment. Fred and Ryan met at one of the best college football games in recent memory, the 2018 Terps and Buckeyes game, and quickly struck up a friendship. Ryan was then invited on the Birdland BS show for a national signing day special, this can be seen as the pinned tweet on his Twitter @TerpsBSpert. As time went on, it became obvious that they needed a more Terps focused show, so Shell-N-Tell was born in the summer of 2019. Thanks for reading, and hope you all enjoy these shows as much as the guys enjoy making them!